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    About Us

    Handan Huize Garment Cooperation Ltd. (invested by Baoding Grace Garments Co.,Ltd) was founded in 2013, which is located in Industrial Zone Daming County.It covers an area of 40 mu, with registered capital of 10 million rmb.There are more than 400 workers,12 production lines, 500 advanced equipments and profesional machines.The annual production capability of woven shirts and other kinds of garments can reach 1.5 million pcs. In year 2017, export volume is USD3.82 million.

    In June,2017, we established a partnership with “Lee” which is one of the three largest garments companies in the United States. According to the requirement of US side, we have done “VF” audit to produce American brand garemtns.

    There are advanced equipments, excellent prodution technology, fine technological process and scientific internal management, which leads to refined products, perfect quality guarantee.

    Our company insists the basic principle that”All the products quality must be reached the standard, and the promise to the customer must be realized” .Our management idea is “Honesty, Pragmatism, Exploration and Innovation”.We can produce new styles, good quality garments for the customers abroad and domestic.

    Welcome to visit Handan Huize Garment Cooperation Ltd, all the staff will serve you with full sincerity.

    Note: Baoding Grace Garments Go.,Ltd was founded in 2004,it is a joint venture of “Hebei Xingya Clothing Co.,Ltd and Topline Asia Pacific Co.,Ltd HK, which is successfully passed ISO9000 international quality managemnet certification system.It has been named “100 Private Enterprises”, “Star Enterprise” by Hebei province and it is appraised as “Advanced Tax Payment Unit” in 5 consecutive years.



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