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    Special equipment users to implement the main responsibi...
    Reading:    2022-11-29

           According to the "Special equipment Safety Law of the People's Republic of China" "Special equipment safety supervision Regulations" and other laws and regulations, conscientiously fulfill the obligations of the first responsible person for the safety of special equipment, and effectively achieve "three implementation, two certificates, double prevention, one inspection, one plan (namely, the implementation of the special equipment safety management organization, the implementation of the responsible personnel, the implementation of the rules and regulations, The equipment has the use certificate, the operator has the operation certificate, the establishment of special equipment safety "double control" mechanism, the equipment must be declared and inspected according to law, the establishment of special emergency special plan for special equipment and regular drill), our company solemnly promises as follows:


    How do you fashion a man's shirt?
    Reading:    2018-04-24

     A shirt is one of the most common things people wear, so how do you wear a shirt? This is, of course, is to have cultured, the shirt is more traditional clothes, to wear a shirt, want to put the shirt is good, also need a certain size, but for some people, to achieve the perfect body that is impossible. So if you want to look perfect in size, we can also use dressing tips to improve. For example, wearing different colors will make you look taller or shorter.
    Men, though they deal with shirts frequently, are not afraid to tell the truth. Understanding the fabric of the shirt, the selection method, the dress code, and the collocation method of the tie is the basic common sense of the modern man.
    When choosing a dress shirt, different necklines will have different effects on your face and neckline.
    Classic collar: suitable for various face shapes and neck lengths.
    Tip: best for round face and thick neck.
    Eight word collar: suitable for thin face and long neck.
    Buckle collar: suit all face shape, whether tie-in tie is ok.
    Vertical collar: suitable for thin or long neck. If the neck is short, open the collar.
    If you don't have enough emphasis on your whole body, it's still not clear enough. Try putting on a hat. The different hats are quite different from the formal ones. The increase in the number of hats has further enhanced the casual performance of the suit.
    Divide the collar
    The collar of a shirt is usually divided into the following six types:
    Standard collar: professional length and open Angle all trend "flat" collar is called the standard collar. This kind of shirt is common in business activity, colour and lustre is given priority to with monochrome and white, it is the most common, commonest style.
    Color collar: a plain or striped shirt with a white collar. Some cuffs are white. Collar type is standard collar or open Angle collar. The collar has a large shape and is usually round. Choose the man of color collar, in collocation must pay attention to coordinate, otherwise the one that does not pay attention to will be classified as "have no grade" kind.
    Hidden-interlocking collar: traditional around the collar seam with Newcastle, tie through the lift button on, get a department fasten shirt collar is rigorous, emphasizes the tie of the structure of the three-dimensional image, wearing this type of shirt have to wear a tie, and smaller, usually play tight summary, and can in no way to play loose tie knot, get a department didn't seem appropriate.
    Angle collar: the collar with the Angle between 120 and 180 degrees. This collar is also known as "Windsor" or "French". It is said that the duke of Windsor, who did not love the beauty of jiangshan, loved this collar.
    Button collar: the sporty collar is fastened to the body with a button. It is a sports shirt. It is the only one of all the shirts that does not require a slop. Typical American style, casual nature, comfortable and convenient. This collar is mostly used on casual shirts, such as denim shirts.
    Long pointed collar: stylish, slender, pointed collar, simple and graceful lines, with the characteristics of new century clothing diversification, more used as a classic style dress shirt. Usually white or plain.


    Interpretation of work and service knowledge.
    Reading:    2018-04-24

    Useful working clothes should be adapted to different working environment, so the planning should have many detailed functional requirements and constraints. On the selection of information, in order to satisfied the nature of the industry operation, to comprehensively consider the biological function of materials, texture, and processing functions, etc.; Style planning should be based on job characteristics, reasonable structure, appropriate color, any too fashionable and fancy style. Accessories should be included in specific operating environment constraints.
    Manufacturing and processing, demand cutting accuracy. Sewing firmly. Standard type complete. Flat.
    Work clothing apparel fundamental geologic body now two aspects of its material and energy. The usefulness of migrant workers is the difference between days the biggest characteristic of clothing. Now that is employed to wear clothes, look from the energy of the clothing, homework is equipped with necessary for establishing and strengthening the employees work ethics, cultivate the energy work excellently. Wear work clothing, everyone to heart into work, conscientious, let each employee to enhance the sense of responsibility and sense of community.
    Economic durability is usefulness and on the other hand. Homework half planner is a businessman, and it is necessary for him to its capital accounting haggle over every ounce, even a grain of buckle. A piece of ribbon. A badge enterprises. Cheap and fine is characteristic of most job loading, from customer side, the cost of manufacturing installs is budget in advance; From planning side, also can't discounts like out-of-season clothes, it is necessary to ensure that the lower limit of the underlying profits. Therefore, on the premise of guarantee the quality requirements, what needs to be able to land the price is reasonable, the clothes wear more, cut using company itself with clothing company's burden and capital.


    How much do you know about professional clothing?
    Reading:    2018-04-24

    Is the girl dress the skirt or the trousers? How long is the skirt length? How tight is the leg?
    The girl is wearing a dress, whether it's a suit or a dress. Trousers are suggested to be considered in special needs (such as climbing up and down today). The length of the dress needs to be decided according to height and age, if partial short stature, suggested that the length of the skirt should be in knee above two centimeters, is on the high side or older, the length of the skirt can be below the knee again two centimeters. Note: the length of the skirt avoids the position of the knee.
    Is there a particular Angle to the shirt collar? Does the shirt collar turn over the suit or not?
    The Angle of the collar of women's dress shirt is more casual, the collar of shirt is to turn inside the suit or not, according to the need of collocation, there is no rule. Even shirts are not a must-have item for women.
    What are the buttons on the sleeves and front buttons?
    Not particularly fastidiously, the best material is natural materials (ox horn, shell, shell, wood or wrapped fabric) or metal, which is determined by the recognized high dress etiquette culture.
    4. What are the colors and patterns of suits and shirts? Are the top and bottom colors consistent? If it can be inconsistent, what is the law of collocation?
    Ladies wear charm, men wear rules. Although the woman can choose the color spectrum, generally speaking plain (black ash, blue, etc.) can be versatile, the color should be cautious, may touch the company's class culture latent rules. The upper and lower colors do not have to be consistent, according to the color collocation principle such as dress color collocation, such as black or dark grey short skirt can be matched with all colors of women's suit jacket.
    5. What is the proper material? (I think man-made fabrics such as polyester are not so good in quality. So, do you have to buy more than 95 percent of the wool?)
    Modern technology can be made to be consistent with the visual texture and tactile texture of man-made fibers and wool, which is a choice for new employees (cheap but not textured), but you will have to look for it. If the conditions permit, it is recommended that more than 95% of the wool fabric be used for formal occasions, so that you are not afraid of being afraid in front of people. The emphasis is on regulation (clothing that matches the current situation), with a well-tailored technique that is far more important than a brand or price, and allows you to have a good enough presence in the image to communicate with senior figures.
    6. How to choose women's shoes? (color? High heel, wedge, flat heel? Can you tie it?
    Ms office suite must match boat shoes, the heel height is generally in 5 cm, there must be black, grey, blue, and other color can also be used, but on collocation have higher requirements, lack of knowledge of image management friends more difficult to manage, be careful. In the fashion world, women's high heels, high heels (more formal), at least in the middle and high heels (in the middle of a busy, bustling workplace). The design tries to avoid the complex elements on the shoes, including color change, decorations, functional parts (lacing), the basic model is the best.
    7. Does it need to be customized to fit? Or is it hard to buy a perfect fit, and always have to find another tailor?
    Customised, of course, is a lot better than a professional suit. After all, it is measured by the body and customized according to the data. If you go to the mall and buy it, you have to rely on luck. It's hard to say if you can buy a perfect fit. And the choice of style is also a problem: you can't determine whether the effect of the picture is suitable for you, and more worried that the tailor has the ability to reproduce the original. It is recommended to start with the first purchase, so tailoring is necessary in most cases.
    8. Is it usually not good enough (mixed with man-made fibers) and the style is not classic enough? Is it better to choose a professional brand?
    The brand mentioned here is most suitable for new employees to try first, because it is more affordable. Professional do dress brand, or organization, the suit is quite deep, color, material, style, etc., for people with certain experience will be the best choice, so professional suit would be a good sign.
    9. I have this idea is right: if the young girl's budget is not much, or don't understand to choose appropriate, tie-in dress, jewelry, dress up when only wear a watch, bracelet all don't wear earrings necklace.
    The idea is very good, general big company also is so ask female employee: the jewelry tries to be worn as little as possible, avoid feminine charm to affect professional feeling, if want to wear, also avoid too conspicuous. Etiquette lecturer in fashion in the workplace, such as image, etiquette training division, etc., under the condition of no strict requirement, can wear suitable accessories, because professional outfit can appear more depressing, lack of fashionable feeling, if with a silk scarf, or a corsage, effect will be completely different.
    Again, men dress mainly in rules and women wear glamour. Women's wear can't be the same as a man's suit, but the combination of the basic sum of the seven or eight sets is feasible.


    How to make work clothes very durable?
    Reading:    2018-04-24
    Believe everybody knows, the work clothes is not only to protect the safety of the employee, a kind of clothing of the side employee work clothes, it is also a factory, the image of an enterprise. And this overalls may be longer than all of our normal clothes, so how do we make bespoke suits for longer?
    1. If it is a pure cotton garment, it should be kept in the closet to prevent moisture and acid attack when stored.
    2. If it is made of cotton and linen materials, please pay attention to the moisture-proof, wash and dry before storage. Collect also should be able to collect according to the depth of the color, the clothes that do not wear often should be taken out to dry, lest moldy.
    3, custom-made work clothes when not to wear on the interior of the wardrobe in, pocket should be put in pest control agent, and set on the cover, and the ability to keep ventilated, colleagues should be on the low temperature place, if the upscale work clothes in a very short time and surface without so much dust, can wipe gently with wet towel after cleaning dust removal.
    If you really want to make the work wear more durable, you need to do the above protective measures to eliminate every act that makes the garment deformed.


    What are the main points of the work clothes?
    Reading:    2018-04-24

    Professional uniform design principle is first have a clear aim: according to different industries, the same industry different enterprise, different positions on the same enterprise, suits the same post different identity, gender, etc. Specific design differences can be used to explain why people wear, wear time, wear places, why they wear and what they wear. What people wear, in a narrow sense means to their location within the given time to work or engage in business activities as part of a person, in the broad sense refers to a relatively clear not be points after the part of consumers. "Here" in overalls as a group. A part. A class, its operating characteristics. Individual and group style. The physiological and psychological needs. The political and economic status. Cultural quality, etc., as for the specific and different design requirements. Time and place are the general environment and small environmental factors of occupation. Time has spring, summer, autumn and winter, day and night, and the location is characterized by regional environment and small environment of specific work.
    Economy except a few expensive clothes, such as certain etiquette. Special clothing, most of the demands of its, with reasonable price performance ratio, namely chooses the fabrics and design class. Design complexity. Comprehensive compared with difficulty of the production process, etc. Under the premise of the same aesthetic feeling and function, the design work clothes should reduce the cost as far as possible, from the design, material, production difficult, clothing structure and so on.
    Aestheticism of aesthetic work clothes is determined by the commonality of the spirit of clothing. Work clothes are made for the convenience of work. It is very important to make the aesthetic process.
    Functional overalls can be selected according to the company's situation, and selected design fabrics such as: construction company, should wear wear resistant fabrics; Electronic company, should choose antistatic fabrics. Work clothes should choose good fabrics when custom, choose the suit that suits oneself company, ability achieves best is practical.



    The correct way to clean your shirt is to never crease i...
    Reading:    2018-04-24

    A shirt is a must-wear for many workers, and a nice shirt can make a person look especially spiritual. Many people don't wash their shirts and often wrinkle their shirts, making them especially ugly. In fact, as long as we master the method, we can wash the shirt neatly.

    Here is the correct cleaning procedure for the shirt:

    1. When cleaning, soak is a must, but time not too long, after cotton put washing powder, maximum bubble, 35 minutes if leader buckle with besmirch, can rub the appropriately, without stain, soak can.

    2. When the washing machine takes out the shirt before the dehydration process, simply fold it and then dehydrate it, thus reducing the formation of wrinkles.

    3. For shirts made of chemical fiber, you don't need to wring them out to dry. For interlock of class, can not directly take water dried up, because the gravity of water, will reach the limit, make clothing elastic deformation so as to make the clothes, so, cotton casual shirt is the best split at not bibulous plane out to dry.

    4. Hang, it is best to find similar to shoulder width of hangers, if the hanger is too small, the clothes dry will make shoulders with two racks of impressions, if the hanger is too wide, sleeve also easy to have clothes tree line. The solution can be used to find two clips, adjust the sleeves of the garment to the appropriate position, with a clip.

    5. Finally, fold your shirt in a regular way and fold your shirt neatly.

    We should pay special attention to collars and cuffs when cleaning shirts. These two are the key points for cleaning shirts and often get dirty. The following is the cleaning method of collar and cuffs:

    1. Apply some toothpaste evenly on the collar and cuffs, gently scrub with a brush and rinse with water to remove stains.

    2. Dip the small brush into the detergent, apply it to the stain on the collar and cuffs, and then wash the clothes in the washing machine to remove the dirt. Hand washing can have the same effect.

    3. Sprinkle some salt on the collar, gently rub, then wash with soap. Because most people's collars are soaked in sweat, the sweat contains proteins that dissolve quickly in a salt solution and easily wash away.

    4. After washing the collar and cuff of the shirt, the baby powder will be pressed with the powder, then the electric iron will be pressed lightly, then the powder will be pressed. The next time you wash it, it will be easy to clean.

    5. Take 50ml of anhydrous alcohol into 100ml of carbon tetrachloride, and fill it evenly on the dirty spot in the sprayer. With a brush, the dirt can be removed. When the liquid is evaporated, the shirt will be put into the washing machine for routine washing, and the cleaning effect will be satisfied.

    6. The newly bought or newly made shirt, before the end of the wear, with a cotton ball dipped in the collar and sleeve, gently scrubbed the gasoline, and after the gasoline evaporates, wash it with clean water. After this treatment, it is easy to clean.

    Follow these tips to keep your shirt clean and tidy forever.

    The basic technology of men and women's shirts in ga...
    Reading:    2018-04-24

    Here is the basic and simplest of the basic techniques of shirting, which means the most simple introduction to deep learning. The shirts we see on the market today are very versatile, but the basic ones are essential. This is why we pay attention to the basic process of learning, from the basic process explanation share to everybody's reason. Let's take a look at one of the men's basic shirts.

    1. From the above picture, we can see the following basic information:

    A, the front sheet contains the front door, and it is left to right, opposite to women's wear;

    B, breast pocket, and left breast pocket;

    C. Normal shoulder seam, normal armhole.

    D, sleeve for a piece of sleeves, and sleeve cuff and arrow, and cuffs have a fold;

    E, the collar is the normal turnover collar;

    F, yuk in the back;

    There are two folds in the back.

    We've got a couple of things up here that have determined how most of our craft should be done. Now, let me give you an idea.

    We regardless of the leisure style is what style, we should all be pregnant with a concept, is we the clothes do it, whether beautiful or not, whether you are willing to buy, on your own, whether designers or version of the division, all need to think about this question.

    From the information of A, in combination with our length, we can decide whether we should adopt the front edge or the general front door according to the style and needs. Do we need to break the seam? , how much the number of buttons, the size of the empty words, what kind of wiring to look better, here, we need to carefully consider, in addition placket generally stick lining, we need to think about whether this kind of fabric will, for our clothes have aesthetic effect, we need to choose. It's not a complete picture. In fact, as a key element of shirt-door, it is the place where designers use their own design ideas. Different fabrics, colors and patterns can be applied to different effects.

    From the information in the B, look be like simple a breast pocket, but it is precisely in our whole style, an important design elements, in the same way, all is the place where designer version t play. The position of the pocket, the size of the pocket, the line of the pocket, whether it is refracted or the light stick, has a great influence on the effect of our whole clothes.

    From C information, clearly explains, we this sleeve is normal, or leisure, also means that we are in the process of plate making, the choice of the armhole depth made a limitation, we must be within this range, the more the knowledge, plate making and design you are interested can go to hangzhou as the research and development center, friends in this here can get what you want to help.

    2. Production process.

    Discharge - cutting - do the collar - made double flap. The flap - hot bags - bags - joining together shoulder sleeve - collar attached - do - cut sleeve - suture side seam sleeve - cut sleeve from Ellen - volume made bottom - keyhole - studs - ironing


    The main points of

    Material: according to the size of the paper, the size of the material. Iron the cloth, pay attention to the cloth line, and to the bar.

    Cut: check the size, whether the pattern is correct. Then use a pin to fix the fabric, fabric and paper. When cutting, pay attention to the front and back of the paper, so as not to cut out the garment pieces. The two pieces of fabric are folded in front, and draw lines along the edges of the paper.

    Do collar: the front side of the lapel, the car seam 1cm, and the outside turn to the 0.5cm open line. 1. The collar will be pressed with a piece of collar that will be lined with 1cm for 1cm and 0.5cm for the side of the collar, and then the 2 pieces of the collar will be clamped in the front of the lapel to sew 1cm and 1cm outside.

    The front side of the front side of the front and the front of the front of the front side of the front side of the front side of the front side of the front side of the front side of the car. To fold the inner edge of the inner button to the inside.

    Ironing bag: the breast pocket is held twice in a bag, 2.5cm in width and 0.1cm in the side of the bag.

    Nailbag: pinned to the left side of the garment, the side of the bag edge is 0.1cm. The sealing triangle is 0.6cm wide, and the bag is symmetrical with the large body to the bar.

    Pieces: after joining together over your shoulders: (1), align all over pieces before and after the front of the shoulder after big body, sewing 1 cm, impreaaion nip outside over your shoulders, made 0.1 cm open wire, then before the garment body at the shoulder seam 1 cm, seam after back, shoulder fold hot outside 1 cm, made open wire 0.1 cm. 2. Front piece: 1cm in the sewing machine, 1cm backward, and 0.1cm bright line.

    Collar: align the other side of the collar with the body of the garment and sew 1cm. Turn over the inside of the collar for a week.

    Sleeves: 1.1cm for the sleeve (sword head). 2. The front side of the sleeve is 1cm in front of the car, and 0.5cm is folded.

    Sleeve: the garment is open and sutured, and the sleeves are sewn together with the sleeves. The bending part should be lengthened and the seam is 1cm.

    Sew the sleeve seam low: 1cm in front relative to the car, and the seam backward to the back.

    Sleeve cuff: the cuff is lined with the sleeve for 1cm, and the seam will be folded into the sleeve cuff for 0.1cm.

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